For an impromptu expressive-arts project, I created a piece dedicated to Diana/Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, moon, and nature in Roman/Greek mythology. To make that piece, I used a field easel. I, then, added handmade paper from Otomi Indian artisans. Those artisans use a process that dates back to pre-Columbian and Meso-American times and incorporates a mix of earth-toned fibers from Amate, Nettle, and Mulberry trees.  On that handmade sheet, I layered various objects: a photo of a marble statue depicting Diana/Artemis in the Louvre Museum, an animal trophy, barley, fallen leaves, birch candleholders, beeswax candles, and metal arrows piercing Otomi paper.


For some reason, the statue’s form in the Louvre is resonating with me at this time. Is that due to my preference for classical subject matter? Is it because I’ve always been drawn to hunting, animal trophies, oak forests, hills, archery and the moon? I think Diana/Artemis is connected to childbirth as well. Could that be a creativity connection for me? Or, am I attracted to that mythological figure's ability to target and focus on goals, symbolized by archery’s bow and arrows?

Photo from Wikipedia courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen