A designer I worked with held the best rummage sale ever. It was so good, in fact, it reminded me of the one I witnessed on screen in Out of Africa. Remember the end of the movie, the baroness is broke and is forced to sell her possessions to book passage back to Denmark? Her offerings were covet worthy: crystal, Limoges, silver, a cuckoo clock, animal trophies, a hand-carved settee with leather cushions, and a mahogany dining set and matching sideboard with a gallery crafted in brass.

Instead of moving back to Denmark, this designer was just downsizing from a larger life, and he owned dazzling objects, just as the baroness did, from copious amounts of porcelain to a whole set of Royal Doulton china in a pattern labeled Hamilton. With urns and yellow and pink flowers and distinctive brown banding, the pattern and price made my heart race. I love it and use it to this day. I also found a hand-colored architectural drawing from the 19th century there—best rummage sale ever!

To keep my love of rummage and estate sales going, I rented a space at an antique mall, which proved to be a creative endeavor. The space changes and morphs creatively as I sell and find new treasures. I can’t wait to see what changes next!