Mythologist, Joseph Campbell (1988), wrote:

I walk off Fifty-first Street and Fifth Avenue into St. Patrick's Cathedral. I've left a very busy city and one of the most economically inspired cities on the planet. I walk into that cathedral, and everything around me speaks of spiritual mysteries. The mystery of the cross, what's that all about there? The stained glass windows, which bring another atmosphere in. My consciousness has been brought up onto another level altogether, and I am on a different platform. And then I walk out, and I'm back on the level of the street again. Now, can I hold something from the cathedral consciousness? (location 520) 

Candles, to me, serve as visual reminders of "cathedral consciousness", and in my decorating book, you can never have or light too many. I also love cathedral votive stands, two and three-tier ones, corner stands, and rounds. Because I love them, I decided to make my own version at home. I filled a classical urn with sand. Into the sand, I placed skinny taper candles made from natural beeswax. Whether lit or not, I find them beautifully atmospheric, lifting me to higher ground.



Campbell, J. & Moyers, B. (1988). The Power of Myth [Kindle DX version]. Retrieved from

Photo by Interstate295r